Nursing Home Residents Need to Know They Can Still Be Creative!

Truth is we can learn from each other-volunteers get while giving

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Celebrating Life

Irvington Mayor Tony Vauss honors 102 year old Irvington nursing home resident

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Mission: To spark hope and creativity in nursing home residents by matching volunteers with similar hobbies, interests and passions.

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Painting Demo and Coloring Session By Raymond Horner Jr.

It was sleeting and the roads were attacked with water and ice. A few of our volunteers contacted us to say they could not make it. A few were also battling with colds and flu. But a few brave souls and board members were able to provide a memorable event.

Inside the dining room was transformed to a warm exciting coloring feast  The elements outside could not put a damper on the excited residents who attended.

Ray Horner Jr. began to paint a beautiful butterfly. Interacting with the patients at the same time.

Ray also created a coloring page that each resident with the assistance of volunteers and board members choose from an assortment of coloring markers, pencils and crayons to color. The stimulation for each patient made it hard to end the session. But dinner had to replace the coloring pages on the tables.

Raymond completed his picture and donated it to the facility.

Some patients colored more than one page. The result was a matrix of pictures they will hang in their rooms. The music was good, the laughter was hearty, the songs sung gave hope on a rainy day.

There were several prizes given out for the oldest, youngest veterans, etc. And each patient went back to their rooms with a beautiful gift bag of lotion, comb, toothbrush, tooth paste, tissues and socks.


Our First Meet and Greet January 28, 2017

We held out very first Meet and Greet on Saturday, January 28, 2017 in Irvington. NJ courtesy of Novus Equities in their beautiful conference room.

In attendance were those who wanted to volunteer, board members and those who will help us with their wisdom, expertise and prayers.

Each person had an opportunity to share  a passion snd expertise they had a desire to share with someone else.


After the meeting we conducted an assembly line to create gift packages for the upcoming Art Demonstration and coloring page event at a local nursing home on February, 12, 2017.

And the result was 61 gift bags with lotion, tissues, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste and socks.

Art Therapy Helps Nursing Home Patients With Dementia

Research has shown the impact of therapeutic interventions that involve art, music and crafts. An article on discusses the impact of Art Therapy.

Creative activities that help to build confidence and hope in patients are a critical component to their care in nursing home settings as well as assisted living. That is why if you click on the Page on this site called Creative Tips it will take you to a blog that will share creative art, music and craft tips for care givers.

There will be future posts from authors that will provide ideas that you can use in caring for a nursing home, home based or assisted living patient. If you have any ideas you would like to share please let us know.


Depression in Nursing Homes is Higher Than in Adult Day Care


Visit a patient today and bring a flowers of hope that may help to break the bleakness of any depression that may be festering. It may not always be evident but some folks in nursing homes may be depressed.

According to  Centers for Disease Control  the diagnosis of depression was higher in nursing homes than in Adult Day Care Centers or retirement residential centers in 2012.

Because older adults may have more health issues which contributes to the likelihood that they will be depressed. If you compound that with the feelings of helplessness and loss of control and it is no wonder that many people in nursing homes get depressed.

In older adults depression often occurs alongside other medical conditions. Depression can even worsen the exiting medical conditions. To add to the madness medications for these medical issues can cause side effects that may affect the persons depression.

Most nursing home facilities recognize this and have a strong activities program. However, visitation from outside folks enhance the existing activity efforts. It is another reason to visit nursing home patients as much as possible.


What We Desire To Do



Have you ever visited someone in a nursing home? Did you ever recall how expansive their interests and involvement was before their illness restricted their activities? Did you mourn with them in the loss of that freedom and wish you could help them feel connected to some of the things that used put a sparkle in their eyes?

It is our desire to help nursing home patients get that sparkle back in their eyes despite their current limitations. Our volunteers want to help the nursing home activities staff provide activities targeted to individual hobbies and interests.

For example, if a group of residents have been identified that used to play the guitar than volunteers who play the guitar will visit them on a consistent basis-to play the guitar not just to them but with them.

For many of the patients the visits they receive from our volunteers may be one of the few they get if family and friends are not able to encourage them.

We also hope to provide encouragement support sessions to staff providing direct care to the residents. Don’t they deserve a sparkle in their eyes too?