Before the Pandemic we were able to excite creativity

It was and is frustrating  to be unable to extend a hand or live connection with nursing home residents during this critical time. We decided to reach out to a Sewing Team in Maplewood New Jersey. They made and donated masks for the staff of Three facilities that we have conducted face to face activities with residents before the pandemic. Our board members delivered them to the door of the facilities.

One Facility holding the bag of cloth masks
One facility made popcorn and distributed the masks

Gratefulness is flowing from our hearts to the members of the SOMA Sewing Volunteers They tirelessly and unselfishly poured themselves into this project. Reminds me of the efforts conducted during wartime by so many who held a unified vision of supporting those on the front line. And we are still at war with this insidious virus.

As we explore other ways to connect and help nursing home residents reconnect to their passion and creativity during this time-Please let us know if you have ideas. We will be back some way some how