Nursing home residents who had a hobby before they arrived at  the nursing home still desire to enjoy the thrill of their hobby. For example, If they were coin collectors, they would enjoy having someone who still collects coins to bring in a collection and talk with them about it.

I recently visited Maplewood Hobby Shop in Maplewood NJ and saw people participating in lively action games. I chatted with the manager, Rick about hobbies and immediately reflected on the fact  that nursing home residents had hobbies before they came to the facilities that may have included historical wargames, etc

We would love to have volunteers work with a group of residents who would enjoy a few hours of active gaming. It is just a germ of an idea now but hope it spreads and becomes contagious. I hope to share  more on this possibility later for a large group event.

Meanwhile please view this short video interview I had with Rick about the importance of having a hobby. I am convinced that nurturing residents passions and interests can make a huge difference in the quality of life for that nursing home  resident. Wouldn’t you want the same for yourself?

If you are currently in a group or club that shares a hobby interest please keep that excitement going for members who can no longer be in your midst by finding a way to share with them in the nursing home.