Help Us Help


Visits to individual nursing home residents by some of our board members have identified an assortment of items that add that special spark in the eyes of the residents. For example, simply providing an old school Walkman and new headset with CD recordings of the music that the resident enjoys has been transforming. In cases where the resident is not able to use the CD without assistance giving it to a family member during a visit gives hope to that family member that their loved one can find some enjoyable moments during their visit.

In some instances donations have been given for provision of Adult Pull-ups for men and woman. In some cases they were given to the nursing staff for patients that do not have the resources to obtain them.

Effective December 2016 all donated items will have a a identifying label on them indicating the source of the donation as Adopt a Nursing Home Patient Inc. Every donor will receive a donation Thank You letter for their tax records. (Note that all donated item categories  given directly to residents will be under the perusal of the facility.

Because we are still in start up phase we need donations to help us do the following: (please note that this is a short list other start-up needs are not reflected)

  • Provide transportation if needed for volunteers

  • Provide volunteer training

  • Hire a part-time volunteer coordinator

  • Obtain materials for distribution to residents related to the activities which will be conducted by the volunteers. For example, if volunteers are working with residents to create crochet items then yarn and needles are needed.

  • Provide encouragement perks for direct care staff.

  • Other operating expenses.

If you have any questions you can contact our Executive Director, Rosemary Horner at 973-517-0846.

Of course we welcome your donations and will followup with a thank you letter.