Silk Flower arrangement presented to 102 and 103 year old nursing home residents celebrating their birthdays.

On September 8, 2017 Adopt A Nursing Home Patient Organization was honored to participate in a celebration for Marjorie Carter, 102 and Bertha Muldrow, 103 years old. This festive event included other residents, Mayor Tony Vauss, West Ward Councilman Vern Cox, Chaplain James E. Berry and Adopt A Nursing Home Patient Board member Kim Todd and Executive Director, Rosemary Horner.

The energetic and entertaining staff at Alaris Health of Essex went beyond the boundaries of a simple event and produced a program that made an profound statement about the wealth of experience and contributions made by these two women. The visionary for the event, Recreational Director, Patricia L. Desormes, stated “These amazing women are living right here in our midst. The have seen and done so much. I am proud to be part of celebrating their lives.”

Mayor Tony Vauss, 102 year old Irvington Resident.Marjorie Carter
Mayor Tony Vauss Presents Proclamation to 102 year old Irvington Resident at nursing home.
Vern Cox, West Ward Councilman speaks at Alaris Essex Nursing Home
West Ward Councilman Vern Cox helps celebrate life of 102 and 103 year old Irvington Residents.

Irvington Mayor, Tony Vauss and West Ward Councilman Vern Cox both spoke and acknowledged the women with words of inspiration and presented mayoral proclamations from the city of Irvington that made the family, guests and all that attended proud that they were Irvington residents.

Chaplain James E. Berry shared thought provoking words and blessed them with a powerful prayer of hope and protection.

Adopt a Nursing Home Patient presented them with two silk floral arrangements that were done by a volunteer, Deborah Brown.  Two vases were crafted by one of the board members, Lisa Palmer. Executive Director, Rosemary Horner did an interactive presentation with the nursing home residents.

The Honorees

Marjorie Carter

103 year old Bertha Muldrow Irvington resident
Family members of 103 year old Irvington Resident BERTHA MULDROW and Rosemary Horner and Kim Todd.

Marjorie Carter was born August 9 1915 in Georgia and siblings of three sisters who are deceased. At 15 years old, she married the love of her life Lee Andrew Carter who at that time was 19 years old. After she was married; worked as a cook/ house keeper and later in the years worked with Atlanta Life Insurance Company selling Life Insurances and was awarded `Best Seller of the Year`”. Her husband and her migrated to New Jersey and became highly involved her church and black women organization. She always dreamed of being a very important person in society. After a while, she taught her dreams were just a dream, but over the years,she had joined every club in her church and was a Sunday school, teacher and an Usher. In her busy life,her husband and she became adoptive parents of three children where she then opened her heart and home to children who were in need. She became a foster mother and devoted all her life to helping children and others who needed to be cared and loved.She passed the Slavery, great World Wars and the Depression days.  Ms. Carter is very pleasant where she knows everyone faces and name. She always smiles and concern of staff well-being. She continues provide her motherly love and compassion toward staff. She love music and social gatherings and has many close relationship with the other residents.


103 year old Bertha Muldrow and Adopt a Nursing Home Patient
Adopt A Nursing Home Board member Kim Todd and Exec. Dir. Rosie Horner Present flowers to 103 year old BERTHA MULDROW

Bertha Muldrow was born in Kingstree, South Carolina on October 20, 1914 (no siblings). She is a widower and has one child Janie Mae Porter (who is deceased; she passed away in 2010). She has 4 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. She worked as a domestic housekeeper to help provide for her family. Bertha provided clothing to individuals within her community from items given by her employer.Bertha migrated to New Jersey when her daughter sent for her around 1975. After the separation of her daughter and her husband, Bertha assisted her daughter with taking care of her children while she worked. Due to the declined in health status after the death of her daughter; Bertha admitted to Alaris Health on December 16, 2011 as a long-term care patient. She is very pleasant but self-reserved. She is very observant and not afraid to speak her mind. She complements staff their appearance and performances. She is conservative and interacts with certain staffs and peers. Her memory remains intact but has difficulty connecting history events or periods